Why Social Media?

Social media is an amazing marketing tool that when done correctly and effectively, can drive tons of traffic to your website and brand. Social media is the use of web-based and mobile technologies designed to help and encourage people to communicate and interact with your brand and organization.

At Sumo Ranking, we help take this time-consuming pressure off of you so that you can focus your time on building your business and finding more clients. There is a multitude of types of social media websites from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Google+, Pinterest to blogging. Allow our dedicated social media team to help your organization reach your social media goals.

Why Use Social Media?

Why use social media? Social networks are growing at significant rates. 80 percent of all Americans now use a social network. Almost 25 percent of online time is spent on social networking websites. Nearly 40 percent of social media users access their accounts through smartphones and other mobile devices. Ninety-eight percent of 18- to 24-year-olds access social networking sites each month. One out of five social network users are likely to login to another social networking website after leaving one.

Small businesses also are taking note and utilizing social media. The three most important reasons small businesses leverage social media are: Connecting with customers, greater visibility and self-promotion. About 45 percent of small-business decision-makers use social media. About 86 percent of these users use Facebook, with just more than 40 percent who use LinkedIn and about one-third who use Twitter.

Facebook has announced active users to more than 955 million users, with 200 million joining in 2011! More than half of these users login every day. Facebook hosts more than 7 million apps and more than 20 million apps are downloaded every day. Only about 25 percent of Facebook users live in North America, with 70 languages being used around the world. The average user spends about 20 minutes online each visit.

Why is social media growing so fast?

Social Media is not just a fad anymore but a daily way of life for millions of people around the U.S. and the world. Social media takes place at work, at home or anywhere by using mobile devices and smartphones.

Why is social media growing so fast? Throughout most of history, news and the media has come in only one direction to us. With the inception and sharing on social media and other online efforts, we can now interact and talk back with media sources. We can share our thoughts and feelings or simply share an article or news with our friends online. This open-ended dialogue, -- potentially with many people -- happens in real-time, 24 hours a day, all around the world.

Sumo Ranking offer advanced search engine optimisation campaigns to improve your ranking results on search engines and we include all of the latest and greatest SEO techniques to help your website gain more traffic, including social media updates.

Social media optimisation is used to reach customers across a wider network than traditional SEO techniques by promoting your brand on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter. These websites are used by individuals and business all over the world and are becoming a bigger part of SEO every day. Social media can help to increase your online visibility and promote your business further which is why it’s important to include social media as part of your search engine marketing campaign.

Here at SEOJunkies we will create your Facebook fan page, Twitter page or LinkedIn group and attract friends or followers to join your business to help you generate traffic to the profile pages. Your account manager will regularly update your social media accounts with updates from your website to keep the pages fresh and up-to-date.

We will include vital information about your business for users to read and ensure that your Twitter followers are relevant to your market, therefore increasing relevancy.

Our social media service is amended to suit your business and SEO needs to ensure that you get the most of the work we do. We will theme the profile page to the topics in your website so that search engines can easily see that you are an authority on these topics. We will also make sure that the social networking websites that we add you in are appropriate to your marke

You will find that broadening your business across these social media websites will make you look more of an authority to search engines and it’s essential to keep them updated regularly so that SE’s like Google can trust your site. Websites with great online visibility will always be found at the top of search engines and we can help your website to achieve this.

Twitter marketing is very effective when worked on properly and needs to be worked on attentively to generate the correct effect, please read our twitter marketing tips to find how to make the most of your Twitter account or call our search marketing experts.